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Accuracy of horizontal drilling

installations Perforator, thanks to the latest navigation systems and professionalism HDD specialists deviate no more than 3 cm on a plot of 100 meters.

Accuracy of horizontal drilling

Horizontal drilling

The most massive horizontal drilling method at the moment - it's the HDD method.

Horizontal drilling

Quality trenchless works

We carry a full range of work on the construction of new underground utilities using trenchless technology, as well as the repair of worn old engineering networks.

Quality trenchless works

horizontal directional drilling

vertical drilling deep wells under water

Our company was established in 2005 .
We specialize in laying all types of external engineering networks trenchless technology drilling , the leader in this industry .

We professionally execute :

1) Construction, repair and upgrade of utilities for various purposes by horizontal directional drilling (HDD ).
2) Puncture under roads , ravines , lakes , etc. for the construction of communications .
3) Welding pipes polietilena , polypropylene, PVC , polyurethane foam .
4) Construction of heating mains pipes using polyurethane .
5) Rehabilitation of pipelines .

modern American equipment allows a minimal cost to the customer to perform the replacement or new gasket communication in harsh environmental conditions. It can be a place under ponds , ravines , mounds , and under w / d paths , bridges, buildings for various purposes .